NDIS housing Melbourne

When they require assistance to navigate the options for NDIS housing Melbourne, Melbourne locals can contact the team at MAAC Care. In addition to support coordination and providing for home care needs as part of an approved NDIS plan, MAAC Care can also assist clients with their requirements for Short Term Accommodation (STA) or Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) under the NDIS.

Short Term Accommodation NDIS housing providers Melbourne

People with disabilities have the right to choose who they live with, where they live, and how they live. At MAAC Care we provide assistance in ensuring you are living in a safe and positive environment that also meets your support needs. Short Term Accommodation (STA) includes short term respite accommodation which offers short term housing and support. In these instances, NDIS Short Term Accommodation funding may be useful.

When they are seeking options in STA or searching for approved NDIS housing providers in Melbourne, Melbourne customers can consult with the MAAC Care team.


STA is usually:

  • A period of respite
  • Inclusive of all expenses in a 24-hour period and inclusive of assistance with self-care or community access, accommodation, food, and negotiated activities
  • Included in the core budget of your NDIS plan

Conditions for accessing Medium Term NDIS Accommodation Melbourne

Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) can be paid for using a type of core support funding called MTA funding, which is available to some NDIS participants. Housing accepting MTA funding is typically available for up to 90 days, and will only cover the cost of the housing and not the support.

MTA funding may be available if the person is waiting for home modifications to be done or waiting for a vacancy to become available in the place where they want to live. As long as clients have an offer for this place or they are waiting for a new build Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) to be ready, and they have an offer for this SDA, then this should provide the evidence needed to claim one-off support funding for MTA.

You may also be eligible for MTA if you are in hospital and therefore in the exceptional circumstance of being at risk of contracting COVID-19 and are being forced to leave hospital (to free up beds for others who are medically unwell) and without a long term housing option at this time.

To find out more about the conditions for Medium Term NDIS Accommodation Melbourne customers can contact MAAC Care.

Learn more about Medium and NDIS Short Term Accommodation Melbourne

Through your NDIS plan, you can find the assistance that you need to live more independently. If you would like to discuss your home and living goals with a member of the MAAC Care team, then we can take part in a planning conversation. Our professional and qualified staff offer in-person consultations to help you to understand your NDIS plan, or to assist you with your planning and preparation.

To learn more about the NDIS plan options for Medium Term Accommodation, or NDIS Short Term Accommodation in Melbourne, Melbourne residents can contact the MAAC Care team. Call directly to speak with a team member.

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